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Survival eBook – Open Your Third Eye To See Truth And Change Your Life! A Spiritual (R)evolution is the solution! The revolutionary New Age Sci-Fi E-Book 'Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues' is an urban survival book that includes a survival kit, the Mayan Prophecy, and spiritual wisdom. Plus, you receive a FREE Game based on the science fiction novel.

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Skip McCord needed a change in his life.
Joining the revolution seemed like a fun gig!
...Until she opened his eyes.

Stand up
Warriors, Wizards, & Knights, your time has come to defend Freedom & Truth!

The storyline of 'Universal Tides' (Utides) has a Light Side and a Dark Side the twin aspects of life. We all have two choices: to live in fear or to live in love. The Darkside thrives on the Power of Fear. Certain factions use fear to control us. The Dark Side talks about planetary revolution, political chaos, energy changes, saving the planet, dangerous Solar Flares, a Draco-Reptilian war, and keys on how to become a Spiritual Warrior.

Dark forces that would destroy Earth are gaining power... The earth is in upheaval. Pandemic viruses fester! Chaos rules! Rebellious bands roam the planet, looting and robbing. Reptiles and shapeshifters lurk around corners. We are lost in the dungeon's maze. There is no escape, except to follow the BLUE STAR.

Here's what the Sci Fi book 'Universal Tides' and the free newsletter offer you?

• A great adventure story
• A downloadable game
• Introduction to the 12 Golden Keys to assist you in becoming a Spiritual Warrior
• Survival Tips for chaotic earth changes and the planet's Great Shift
• News about the Revolution of Soul and the PPR
• A Resource Hub for valuable links, a Blog-Sphere, and much more...

In the story, a global Committee of 13 Dark Lords use fear against us and try to control our minds. We don't quite know what's going on, and what we don't understand, we fear. We feel helplessly controlled by these Dark Lords. But why are we allowing them to think that they control us? After all, no one can really tell us who we are, or what to believe unless we allow them to do so.

And can you sense the energy shift that is now taking place on Earth? This shift is becoming progressively stronger and we are being deeply affected.

However, we're not being told the truth about what is happening to us and to our planet. We're being purposely isolated from one another so we don't gather in groups and become stronger. Tribal division weakens us, and so we must learn how to unify as a global community.

Our Spiritual Warriors believe in hope and faith, and use the 12 Golden Keys. They trust in their inner connection to the Blue Star, which guides them to know what to do when the time comes during this great planetary shift.

Dr. Dierdre Brown, the main character, is a Microbiologist whose prime job is to investigate pandemic diseases and environmental imbalances. With the recent threat of AIDS and Avian Flu, her job has become extremely important. She works with WHO (World Health Organization) and other corporations around the world. Another pandemic is inevitable, in fact, it's amazing there's not one a year, she believes. She also believes in helping one another and in community. She says:

"No matter what your religion, your philosophy, your economics, your language, your heritage, sooner or later you're going to have to realize that if you can't drink clean water, you'll die. It's time to come together as a community."

Come together as a community.

DOWNLOAD this revolutionary SciFi book and begin using the Survival Tips and the Twelve Golden Keys. Utides has been described as "a spiritual-survival book to help heal the planet."

FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE – If you order now you will receive a free gift: The Game of 12 Golden Keys, suitable for ages 7 & up. To download the eBook and receive your free game CLICK HERE.


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SIGN-UP for Spiritual Warrior survival tips. Taken from the book 'Universal Tides' the simple yet powerful Code of a Spiritual Warrior is: 'Help one another. By example, act, and deed each of us can make a difference."

Utides is a story of adventure and the uncovering of a secret society. Once you have read this compelling book, you will know why everyone has gone crazy, why your friends are acting totally out of character, and why your neighbours seem to turn against you. It's all out of FEAR. No one, including your political leaders, will be able to help you. It will be up to YOU. Get ready. Be prepared for the Revolution of Soul. Help the Outlanders win the battle! The Revolution is growing!



Skip McCord needed a change in his life.
Joining a (r)evolution seemed like a fun gig!
...And then she opened his eyes to truth.

James 'Skip' McCord is a bounty hunter. His life consists of conspiracy theories and working with the CIA, MI5, and CSIS; but he's an opinionated guy. So this column is Skip's virtual community for contacts and survival info you can use while on maneuvers; plus, Dark Side games, books, music, films, etc.

Salute Outlanders,

First off, if you want to add to your MYSTIC TRUNK visit the Ezines Page, or for Utides/BWB collectibles shop at the special Mystic Trunk Shop on CafePress!

(Okay, got the friggin' ads over with... actually they've got some cool products...)

I, Skip McCord, professional bounty hunter & private de-tech-tive, trust no one. If you check these out you'll see why. Of course Dr. Dierdre Brown will tell you to stay away from the negative, but you're here on the Dark Side, man!

Skip McCord's Film Review: 'The War on Democracy' is a film by John Pilger who has produced more than 55 TV docs. It explores what's really happening in countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile and the REAL relationship with Washington.

'U.S. Army Survival Manual' a public domain work published by the U.S. Department of Defense that is available for sale. One of the better books on survival, and easy to pack.

E-Book Review: Read about the neo-con and global elite, and a post 2012 world after the Mayan Calendar ends. Don't be afraid. Be prepared. Read the eBook "Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues" and discover the Truth. Also read about the prophecy on the Utides EZines page.

Skip McCord's Film Review: 'Apocalypto' Is More 'Mad Max' Than Mayan - With the subtlety of several thousand flying mallets and arrows, Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' is the most violent movie Disney has ever released, with so much blood spurting out of orifices that even Martin Scorsese would blush. That said, I liked it (must be my thirst for blood 'n guts).

Skip McCord's Film Review: The Corporation an eye-opening film about how corporations that you and I support are strangling us and keeping us slaves! Explains how people with courage, intelligence and determination are stopping the present-day dominance.

ATTN! GAME DESIGNERS: Any game designers out there looking for a fast & furious, galactic sci-fi storyline? Great for PS3 or Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. Utides/BWB is waiting for you!

Skip McCord's Film Review: 'V for Vendetta' (2006) - The storyline is similar to 'Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues' in that the populace is being controlled by a tyrannical dictator. But unlike Utides, there is no "heart" in the film, so it is a cold cold totalitarian society where only a masked freedom fighter helps to save the day.

Conspiracy Film: Is this film hype or is it real? Hard to say. You decide -- “The Brandon Corey Story” chronicles the bizarre story of a man who went looking for the truth and came back with evidence that linked Vice President Dick Cheney to secret societies, Bohemian Grove and Satanists. Conspiracist David Icke makes an appearance. DVD available at:

Skip McCord's Music Review: 'Prenez Garde Aux Flots Bleus' ~ Belguim musician Lunabee's newest disc is both naïve and caustic, tender and cruel, full of melodies and humour. A modern, cutting-edge Euro sound; French fairy-like with perverse pop music made in Belgium. Buy at: Indizoo; or Lunabee's MySpace.

Skip McCord's Film Review: 'The White Road' ~ For the first time people from other cultures were invited to the reunion of elders, indigenous priests and shamans from North and South America. The film 'The White Road' – Visions of the Indigenous People of the Americas' is a documentation of this gathering that took place in Merida on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatán in spring of 2003. The documentary shows the messages and wisdom of the ancient pre-Columbian cultures. In contrast to Western philosophy of life that draws ego limits, these cultures have the gift of confiding in themselves and in the entire creation. They greet each other with "In lak'ech, a lak'en“ meaning "I am in you, and you are in me.“ Produced by Elke von Linde and Michael Springer. In English and Spanish.

Skip McCord's Film Review: 'Scared Sacred' - In a world teetering on the edge of self-destruction, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper sets out on a 5-year pilgrimage. Visiting the 'Ground Zeros' of the planet, he asks if it's possible to find hope in the darkest moments of human history and unearths unforgettable stories of survival, resilience and recovery, taking audiences on a visually stunning journey. Website: Now on DVD.

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