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Find out how brave Outlanders uncover an ancient secret & enter an altered state of consciousness to save our planet by reading the revolutionary New Age Sci-Fi eBook 'Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues' (Utides), and play the FREE Board Game. Plus, discover for yourself the 12 Golden Keys that offer inspiration and life-changing tools for a universal audience.


You can feel it – A major change is coming.
"What is it?" you ask.
You are feeling unusual energy changes, aren't you?
Are you becoming a sensitive or clairvoyant?
Know this: You are not alone.




Using the 12 Golden Keys it is possible to discover truths to make a profound difference in your life. Your survival depends on it! People of any faith and walk of life can use these techniques. There's no trick, except practice. Any Wizard worth his or her salt will tell you that without practice you gain nothing. For example:

• Do you want to live your life the way you want, or continue to allow them to control you? See the First Key.

• Are you tired and discontented with your life? See the Fifth Key.

• Are you listening to your inherited planet that is screaming to tell you something before it's too late? See the Sixth Key.

• Does your body feel tired, unhealthy, fatigued, dense, and weighted? See the Ninth Key.

• And the other demystifying and relevant Keys for today's new world.

As a special gift to you, here for the first time anywhere is


'Follow the Blue Light! ~ To do this, close your eyes and focus gently on the inner light behind your eyes and you can travel to the Inner Worlds of spiritual essence. You will experience for yourself that you are an eternal Being. Why wait until you die to know the Otherworlds? 'Death' is walking through a gateway; it is a translation into a different realm: a spiritual plane of higher consciousness. The Ancients used a trilithon gateway in a megalithic temple to pass through to this plane. The Egyptians used the Third Eye. The Second Key uses the Blue Light or Blue Star as gateway. The Blue Light is Soul, or that which is the True Self. Soul is the most sacred part of each Being. Soul is that which you are behind your eyes. Soul is the Being who is watching you read this. Soul has free will and can perceive all things. Soul is a part of the Spiritual Energy known as the Light & Sound Energy. Ride the Blue Star into the inner planes of light and experience it for yourself!' ~ Try it! ~ (Universal Tides © M. J. Milne 2006)

For Five Simple Steps to Download the E-Book, go HERE!

Believe in hope and faith! The evolutionary shift of our planet is happening now. Some call it the Great Shift, or the Shift of Ages. The Mayan Elders are warning us. (Read the E-Zine entitled, "Surviving the Prophecies") We must learn the ways to connect to Source energy and open our hearts. It is possible to see your world from a different perspective, a higher view. Some psychics and clairvoyants are able to, and so can you. It is a natural phenomenon you do every time you fall asleep. The trick is to do it fully awake when you can remember. Learn the ways to take you into the 'Otherworld' to receive knowledge and wisdom by reading 'Universal Tides.'

From the Author – "The storyline of Universal Tides™ is about a band of outlanders who with the help of an ET, race to save the planet from an evil dictator, and in the interim, discover a destiny far greater than they ever imagined. It is also a guidebook to help you with the next evolutionary stage of the planet…I have been consciously learning how to become a Spiritual Warrior since the early 1980s and I can tell you, it's not an easy path, but it is a worthy one…Stay in the moment, stay grounded, and drink lots of pure water, believe me it helps!"
– M. J. Milne, author. Read about the author…


DOWNLOAD this revolutionary Sci-Fi book and begin using the astonishing Twelve Golden Keys. 'Universal Tides' has been described as "the spiritual survival book that wants to help heal the planet." To download the 300-page E-Book, CLICK HERE and you will also receive the FREE GAME!


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This is a time-limited offer! SO HURRY!!!

Wizard Receive the downloadable game "The Game of 12 Golden Keys" absolutely FREE with every purchase of the book Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues written by M. J. Milne.

The Twelve Golden Keys -- secret knowledge that is taken right out of the revolutionary novel written by MJM and is now available as a downloadable game you can play anywhere.




1. 'The 12 Golden Keys & How To Use Them' ($7.97) a Special Report E-Book. Coming Soon!

2. '50 Ways to Leave Your Body & Other Stories' by M. J. Milne. This is an amazing book in addition to 'Universal Tides' and learning the 12 Keys because it is the Author's personal experience with inner travel. A must have for all fans of Utides. Coming Soon!

3. Stay tuned for more eBooks, Special Reports, posters by Aisha, T-shirts, Buttons, and more!


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A Magical Treasure Trove of Unordinary Things!

In 'Universal Tides' the Little Man is a mischievous trickster and Wizard who loves mystical Wizard's stuff. See below and also visit the Ezines Page to *ADD TO YOUR MYSTIC TRUNK*

Or go shopping at THE MYSTIC TRUNK SHOP.

In the story, Anyata the villain wears a Dragonfly brooch. Carole Davis Jewelry Creations in New Jersey has created a brooch. It's a dragonfly pin of sterling silver, Marcasite and tiny Garnets in the center of the wings and in the beady eyes.
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Drawing by MJM



If you have an experience using the 12 Golden Keys, we'd love to hear about it. Please write us at: or post it on the Outlander’s Forum.

A.B. from Victoria, BC wrote: 'Wow, what a read! So much information to digest. My favorite is still the 12 Golden Keys. I'm trying one a day. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much.'

I.M. from Belgium wrote: 'My cat loves it when I sing the sound mentioned in the Fifth Key. No matter where she is, when I start to sing it, she jumps up to be near me. This is fun!'

R.H. from Sydney, Australia wrote: 'After I read Utides I tried a few Golden Keys. My favorite was the 2nd Key, to Follow the Blue Light. It says to get comfortable, turn off the TV or radio, and '…close your eyes and focus gently on the inner light behind your eyes and you can travel to the Inner Worlds.' So I tried it and had an awesome experience. I found myself in a blue cavern of light and crystals. And was greeted by this dude riding a motorcycle, dressed in a helmet and gear. I hopped on his motorcycle and we went to this cool castle of light beside a stream. When he took off his helmet, I was surprised the person was a woman. Sweet! She taught me something and then I woke up. I'll always remember it and will definitely try it again.'

Italian Espresso Boy, Toronto, Canada: 'So like how much is truth in your book? I don't know, but it doesn't seem to matter to the story because I felt most things were true. I feel like an Outlander myself sometimes. I'm a street kid. I run to keep warm. I can't go home cuz of abusive stepdad. So I kept doing a few of the Keys you mention, and start to believe I can get a job. And I found one in a coffee shop. They're training me as a Barista boy. So thanks for your book. I go to the library to get my spiritual warrior emails, too.'

Mary C. from MN, USA: 'I loved your book! Although it's weird and wacky, and quite scary, I mean, really scary, I loved it. My mother just died of a disease and our family is upset. But reading your book helped me sense my mother's presence around, and gave me a chance to say goodbye. I'm grateful for finding your book. Thanks.'

Darlene Montgomery, Toronto, Canada wrote this about reading 'Universal Tides': 'I found it absolutely mesmerizing. As I was reading, I felt I was in some kind of a future life. It was fascinating because the scenes were so visual, very much like a movie. I found it incredibly gripping.'

Jeane Manning, Interior BC, Canada: 'I read your e-book. Wow! With compelling characters and fast-paced action, Universal Tides transported me into a fictional future that reflects where we might be heading.'

Millions of people have amazing 'unexplainable' experiences every day. Read a personal experience by author and educator Jeane Manning who loved 'Universal Tides':

"Profound experiences have given me faith in the human spirit. One example was at a weekend seminar in Anaheim, California. The seminar was organized around a spiritual path and more than 5,000 people from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and other continents attended. One of the events I chose to attend was a light-hearted workshop on clowning - how a clown's eyes facilitate soul-to-soul communication with his or her audience. I emerged afterward smiling, into the wide cavernous hallway of the convention center. Hundreds of participants strolling to and from other workshops or creative arts events milled in the hallway.

Previously I would have felt intimidated by the din of such a large crowd of people jostling and walking in various directions. Instead, I suddenly and vividly saw them as individual souls, incredibly beautiful lights of many colors, moving and radiating. My timidity transformed into love for these divine lights, and my feelings turned around 180 degrees from introversion into an outpouring. I felt tears on my cheeks, and quickly shut down the vision. But during that weekend I often returned briefly to that viewpoint, peeking through what seemed to be spiritual eyes to catch another glimpse of everyone-as-Soul.

Over the years, out-of-body and other experiences reinforced the knowledge that we are much more than our physical bodies, and that everyone has the opportunity to connect inwardly with a source of abundant wisdom, courage and comfort. I learned that people who see themselves and their world only in materialistic terms may just be unaware of their true nature – as immortal, powerful, connected and resourceful Souls.

Many people today bury their essence under the weight of fears, or misdeeds against fellow souls. When I only listen to the news about criminals and war-makers, a negative force seems to be prevailing on Earth. But I notice that outside the media spotlight, many many other individuals are awakening to their true identity and spiritual powers.

This is a critical time in humankind's evolvement. I believe that each person can make an appreciable difference by your own spiritual unfoldment. You do that when you shed your fears and replace negativity with strength - of love for all life, uncovering your innate inner light and letting it illuminate your corner of the world."

To read more about Jeane Manning, author of 'The Coming Energy Revolution' and other books, go to:


'When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.'
- Jimi Hendrix, Musician

'There is no right way or wrong way, merely a place from which to start.'
- Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Martial Artist, Grandmaster of 9 Ninjutsu Traditions

'Can you define your path in this lifetime? Do you know what you want to--in fact, must--do?… For the last ten years, many of you have been giving birth to a new identity; by the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to show the world your new colours.'
- Georgia Nichols, Astrologer

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• Key art designs by Aisha Davidson.
• Game board drawing by MJM.

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'What is this life all about? I would have to say it's about fear and how to overcome it.... Love always overcomes fear.' ~ Harold Klemp

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